Aaron Jensen

Along with the DX7 synth, Parachute Pants and Empire Strikes Back, the 1980s are often remembered as the decade that brought us Baby Aaron Jensen.

From such humble neon-swaddled beginnings, Aaron has made a career for himself in music. Aaron is an internationally published composer, whose creative works have been performed by several JUNO and GRAMMY award-winning artists (visit his website here). He tours internationally as part of Countermeasure, Retrocity, The Ruach Singers, and The Watch.

Aaron has acted as a composer, performer, and music consultant for Schitt’s Creek for the past three seasons. He is an Associate Composer of the CMC, the Composer-in-Residence of The Canadian Men’s Chorus, the Artist-in-Residence of Beth Sholom Synagogue, and the Artistic Director Emeritus of SING! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival.

He’s also a card-carrying member of the DRAW SQUAD circa 1988.