Edward Randell, The Swingles

“As musical experiences go, I can’t think of anything more purely joyful than a Retrocity performance. They combine serious vocal chops with a charming, disarming silliness that could convert the most hardened cynic into a gushing 1980s nostalgist.”


Brent Campbell, Brandon Jazz Fest

“Retrocity was a fabulous group to bring to our Festival.  They connected with the students and along with their impeccable musicianship showed the students how to have fun while making great music.  I highly recommend them as a featured act for any jazz festival.”


Rob (Sandy) Mowat, Producer, Fresh Air (CBC Radio)

“There’s a cappella…and then there’s Retrocity. Who needs instruments when you’ve got this kind of vocal flexibility?”


Roger Cullman, Blogto .com

“Rad tunes performed totally a cappella by seven talented singers [who] wowed the sold-out crowd with their vocal gymnastics and stage antics.”


A’n’E Vibe

“An undeniably talented troupe of singers.”