Lanie Treen

Lanie co-founded Retrocity in 1998. After graduating from York University (where she sang in collegiate a cappella group Wibijazz’n’) she missed singing regularly and wanted to start a new project. She called her friend Tom and said, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we got a few people together to sing 80s tunes a cappella?’ A short list of repertoire and personnel was enthusiastically drawn up, and a beautifully tubular plan was in motion.

Not only a vocalist and (extremely slow) arranger, Lanie has provided music direction for theatre, including Driftwood Theatre’s productions of As You Like It, Love’s Labours Lost and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lanie is a donor relations professional at the University of Toronto, and spent many years as an arts administrator at several major Toronto cultural institutions. Her favourite 80s artists include Crowded House, XTC, Thomas Dolby, and Howard Jones. She will never, ever outgrow her crush on Corey Hart.